In october 1999 the acapella-formation "The Whisperones" was invented.

Florian has just split up with his formerly vocal-group "The Fairytales" for personal reasons, but didn´t want to give up his tenderness to acapella and doowop. He wanted to build a new group and was looking for people like him.
A friend introduced him to Carsten, André and Sven (Scharfi) who were singing in a church-choir.

They met the following week and Florian took a few demo-tapes to play them for Carsten, André and Sven. They liked the stuff and already got together a few days later, trying to rehearse the first song.

In the middle of october they tryed to sing a few harmonies and soon after that a new vocal-group was born in Wolfsburg.

After two additional practice-meetings, the fifth guy Sven (Schliecki) a friend of Florian, completed the group. In compare to the other group members, Schliecki didn´t have any experience in singing at all.

Up until now, the Whisperones are often performing on stage. We are hoping to seeing you in the audience very soon.
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